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Ashworth Insurance Services

A Professional Agency with Personal Service

Welcome to Ashworth Insurance Services, our focus is providing you sound advice with tailored employee benefits to meet your specific needs, while providing you the BEST coverage and unconditional commitment as a Valued Partner – while ensuring you or your company is within ACA Compliance.

We believe providing such a strong focus on customer relations and education comes from believing in a resilient commitment to values. This is also demonstrated by Ashworth Insurance Services being an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) as well as the state and local chapters of the Association of Health Underwriters.

Our team is available to assist you from solution design to implementation by:

  • Having a 20 year track record of success
  • Providing training and tools to help avoid costly compliance violations
  • Regularly monitoring all plans
  • Implementing employee benefits plans with personal communication
  • Assigning a staff that of exceptional licensed industry professionals

More Information about Ashworth

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How We Do It

With Ashworth Insurance Services, you get a fully staffed group with the thorough knowledge of the California insurance market, funding options, and compliance regulations. Our team takes an analytical approach to design important things like your Health Coverage, Service and Claim Issues, Price Comparisons from all the major carriers, and Managing Your Program for Full Effectiveness of Insurance Options!

The first step to the development of the process starts with a comprehensive observation of your company in the past, present and where you want to be in the future. Our benefit experts will analyze claims data and plan designs from your existing carriers along with industry performance data. We will be asking about your corporate goals, expectations and budget requirements and analyze your demographics.

The second step to the development process includes using the reporting in the first step to create a three to five year forward-looking strategic benefit plan. We negotiate with all carriers to provide you with the best options to meet your current and future goals.

The third step to the development process is to design the plan that will include an integrated suite of services and a all-inclusive timeline that ensures that the rollout is smooth for your HR team and employees

Our benefits experts counsel and provide an overview of your Benefits Package to your employees and then meet with them one-on-one to review their individual needs and process their benefit elections.

TThe fourth step to the development process is to work in collaboration with your Human Resource team, implementing the entire value partnership by enhancing your employee benefits, deliver data analytics and wellness services and improve employee communication.

We stay atop new laws and regulations and endeavor to understand not just the rules, but how they’ll affect you on a practical level. Our benefits experts keep you apprised of the rules that directly affect you, as well as efficiently and pragmatically resolve your compliance issues.

The fifth and final step to the development process is planning for your renewal at onset. Ashworth Insurance Services communicates with carriers at a minimum of six months prior to the renewal date. Our goal is always to have final renewal numbers 90 days prior to the effective date.

Next, we determine the potential providers based on your feedback and our knowledge of the available providers in your area. We evaluate, among other factors, the ability to provide the requested plan design, provider networks, service issues, underwriting guidelines, wellness initiatives, communications stability, willingness to negotiate and finally, price potential. Our general practice is not to move to different providers on a regular basis so we can show the providers a willingness to enter into a long term relationship, minimize your administrative time and provide stability for the employee.