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Group Insurance

One of your major challenges as a business owner is finding an attractive but cost-effective solution to your employees’ health insurance needs. It’s something to take seriously; employees everywhere in California consistently rank the quality of their health plan second only to the length of their paid vacations. Proving a competitive benefits package is vital to recruiting and retaining top talent for your business. Whether your company has 2 or 1,000 employees, working with us will prove to be a valued partnership. Let us help you choose the right plan that will add value to your company and save you time and money!

Ashworth Insurance Services offers a complete line of group products from the most reputable insurance companies:

  • Health Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • HSA's
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Medical Bridge Plans

Individual Insurance

It is practically impossible to live without health insurance in today’s world and there are countless reasons why California residents are seeking reliable health insurance. From employers or companies not offering health coverage to you being self-employed. You may find yourself in a position where you need to seek your own health insurance policy.

Ashworth Insurance Services will evaluate your options inside and outside the exchanges and determine eligibility for any of the following as well as provide other coverage options:

  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Plans
  • Travel Plans
  • Disability


Attempting to understand and comply with state and federal employee benefit regulations can be overwhelming. Such compliance issues can effect decisions on one’s plan strategy, application and processes which dictate employers to remain current. The rules' intricacies--and the jeopardies and penalties of noncompliance--grow ever loftier.

We stay educated in the new laws and regulations that are changed regularly so that we can understand how they will affect our valued partners—YOU!

Ashworth Insurance Services is your Healthcare Reform expert! In addition to providing you the best opportunities for both group and individual insurance we provide to you the following to guide you through the government requirements:

  • 6065
  • POP
  • COBRA and State Continuation
  • Wrap Documents
  • 5500 Preparation

Let Ashworth Insurance Services work with you to efficiently and pragmatically resolve your compliance issues.

HR Solutions

Whether you have a full human resource department, or just one or two HR practitioners, our partnership will help you to elevate your company’s level of human capital management expertise and know-how. Bottom line we are here to service your needs in regards to the presentation, implementation and delivery of your benefits.

  • Education and installation of your employee benefits plan
  • Handling of any claim problems that may arise
  • Benefit administration for employee additions (new hire, life event and open enrollment)
  • Choice of multiple plans with multiple carriers
  • Booklets mailed to the employees’ home address
  • Online billing and administration

Let Ashworth Insurance Services work with you to efficiently and pragmatically resolve your compliance issues.

The right policy will give you extensive employee health benefits coverage, not to mention the following complimentary services we offer to help save you time and most importantly money:

  • Benefit administration for employee terminations
  • Yearly plan reviews and market analysis for your policy
  • Online access to your benefits summary
  • Multiple billing frequencies
  • We ensure the separation of health plan and employment information, ensure the privacy of that information, comply with more than a dozen notice obligations (requiring notice to different persons, at different times, in different ways) and more.